so what're people's thoughts on a good self-hostable fedi server that's not extremely expensive to host on a VPS but whose devs aren't literal scum

@tindall based on my knowledge of the words “literal” and “scum” i would think that means mostly all of the low-resource ones, like pleroma. thinking of switching to that one myself, or perhaps finding a golang impl (or making my own)

@sneak @tindall
For a single user instance, you'll want to look at Epicyon:

If you want to build something with GoLang, #gofed by @cj is your starting point

Thanks! Somehow I had missed that one.

And thanks @bob !

Now I gotta get Python 3.7 installed and figure out how to still keep using Python 2.7 for another lame old project....'bout time anyway...

@cj @tindall @sneak

@yaaps @tindall @cj i believe that the restrictions placed upon my privacy based on running a webserver or not means that the AGPL is not free software, so i avoid AGPL software as i already violate the AGPL enough.

Go-Fed is BSD 3-clause:

As for Epicyon, its design goals are well suited for its intended use case and AGPL does not require distributing your source modifications to host a server

@tindall @cj

@yaaps @tindall @cj

go-fed seems most like what i'd want, but the project website is down and i can't determine if it is a daemon/app i can actually use, or just an AP library one could use to build such

Yes. It's a library... Because setting up an http server in Go is such a pain in the ass :newlol:

When it's up, the site has a really straight forward tutorial. Also, @cj had plans for something approaching a finished server behaving more like a bulletin board, but there is WriteAs and a list of other finished services if you want to hack on something that'll provide immediate feedback

@yaaps @tindall @cj also i think making webapps (distinct from pages) where "no javascript" is a design goal is madness honk has seemed OK, I saw you mention it a few days ago, what makes the dev scum? I did a little searching but didn't find much.

@tindall started with vps1 from mythic beasts. You can run mastodon on not much, but I did have to turn it off to have enough spare RAM to do the updates!
1 cpu core

I'm running Zap on shared hosting. Some people run it on raspis. It uses the Unlicense and is reasonably feature rich without being overwhelming and has evolved for over a decade. Our focus is on a Facebook-like rather than Twitter-like experience with ethics, permissions, and privacy. It's on the LAMP stack which some people hate but a good carpenter never blames his tools. It's not the most lightweight server available but gives you a good balance of features and performance. Anyway, that's the pitch. There's no shortage of projects in this space and most have a lot better marketeers so nobody is going to be heart-broken if you choose something else.

One of the things you'll discover about fediverse developers is that every developer of another project (and all the users of that project) think developers of every other project are scum so you kind of have to do your own research.

@mike @tindall a good carpenter also doesn't use tools that are inconsistent and terrible in the first place, which is what PHP is :/

I'd like to show you a guitar I own. This was hand-crafted in Vietnam by an elderly man using a broken screwdriver, a hammer, a file, and a whole lot of patience and skill. Not much more. The abalone inlays are precise, finely detailed , and absolutely perfect. It plays and sounds better than the CF Martin guitar which you can almost see to the left of it - which was produced in an American guitar factory using all modern tools and incorporates high-tech laser-cut inlays; which are epoxy filled around the edges to make up for the lack of skill of the makers.

Thank you for your time.

@mike now i should show you the php apps i have been asked variously to maintain over the last 20 years for contrast.

The language decision was made ten years ago and involved a number of strategic factors that you apparently are not aware of. Not all decisions are based on technical merit alone. Ditto  for license decisions. I apologise that you weren't consulted.

@mike seems like we're in agreement that any use of PHP is a terrible technical decision, then.

Only for unskilled carpenters. I'm not crazy about Java and JavaScript and Perl and assembler and a number of others - and I despise anything Microsoft, but as a developer this doesn't matter. We use whatever language or platform is needed for the work at hand. That's our job.

Best of luck with whatever language/platform you end up with in your journey. The only thing guaranteed is that it will come with its own set of problems and it probably won't be the last one you ever use.

@mike that's a lot of weasel words. i said "any use", not "unskilled carpenters"

I told you what we used and you just started piling on bullshit. That's what we use. Since you didn't take the hint that was dropped a few times now,  thank you for your thoughts and good day sir.
@tindall 'Literal scum' seems a it harsh for someone sharing their code with you. @mike @sneak
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