Mark my words: the free desktop is going to get right and properly EEE'd within the next five years, and none of you are going to lift a fucking finger to stop it because Microsoft is all cuddly and friendly now.


Competed with them years ago, never forgot the lessons. As soon as they bought github I moved all my projects off to my own Fossil SCM server:

(What is an "EEE"?)

@vandys @tindall

"Embrace, Extend, Exterminate", Microsoft's modus operandi. Find an industry-standard, add proprietary software to it, become the de-facto standard, then flex the monopoly power.

@tindall maybe have a little more trust in Open Source licenses and Free Desktop projects like Gnome. Microsoft can do whatever the hell they want, they have no power here. And I find it pretty nice that they are getting into Linux after all.

@strider I believe that's a naive understanding of the situation. Similar tactics killed XMPP, despite many implementations being GPL.

@tindall XMPP isn't really dead, it didn't go anywhere. But yeah, Facebook and Google stopped using it so that was a major blow to its popularity. Mostly because there weren't any Open Source project using it that massively caught on.

@tindall I could say the same about Open Street Map. It's still around but the only real users are big corporations. It's missing a good product that's community based.

@strider @tindall open licenses are no good if Microsoft controls the entire community space, aka github

@operand @tindall github has never been and never will be the entire community space. The entire point of git is that it's decentralized. I've moved my project from launchpad to github and I could move it from github to gitlab if I ever needed to.

@operand @tindall the whole thought process in building open source software is having trust in a system that doesn't have a 95% market share...

@strider @tindall it effectively is the entire community space for a ton of projects, though. and even if Microsoft doesn't actively exploit this, the fact that new developers are encouraged to never leave the Microsoft bubble is another tactic in their EEE arsenal.

@strider @tindall centralizing all community management aspects around github is one of the worst things to ever happen to open source software.

@operand @tindall having a massively used platform for open source development is certainly not a bad aspect. I haven't noticed any change since the MS acquisition, except that private repos are now free so I can stop paying... Also, in 2007, people were freaking out about Microsoft suing every Mono user in existence. Now, the co-founder of the Mono company, Ximian Nat Friedman is CEO of Github...

@operand @tindall EEE is a relic from the 90s. Microsoft now understood that geeks like Linux. They also understood that Linux is very powerful for cloud computing. They don't want developers to build things on Macs like this is the case now, they want developers on Windows 10. They are not going to mess with Linux since they are bringing a lot of their infrastructure onto it. Microsoft can build whatever they want, it will not harm the broader Open Source community

@cadadr Maybe this is true in the grand scheme (though I don't think it is), but for me personally - starting on Ubuntu, with year-long forays into Fedora, Arch, and SUSE - I've only seen usability improvements. I started on Unity and now I'm on GNOME and, with some minor hiccups a couple years ago, it's in a place where things Just Work (TM).

And that's not because GNOME is so amazing. I used KDE for a few months recently, just to test it out, and it's great as well. As is XFCE, which my partner (a non-techie) has been using as her daily driver for over a year, and Budgie as well.

You're asking the community to give up its greatest asset - diversity of thought - in exchange for... what, exactly? It's not like all the people who love XFCE and volunteer their time to building it are going to suddenly be super committed in the GNOME way of doing things.

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