I guess I'm going on a rant again. Strap in.

People who make fun of users who don't appreciate 's recent embracing of Linux on cloud and desktop are missing the point in a very disheartening way. We don't want Linux, we want a .

I don't give a single damn if it's Linux or BSD or NT at the base of it. If I can't _opt out of ads in an OS I paid for_, something has gone extremely wrong. Microsoft may be embracing the Linux kernel but they are not moving anywhere near a free desktop.

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@tindall Microsoft has my arm in a twist at the moment. My mom is worried about her Win 7 install running out of support. She's doing nothing she couldn't do on Linux so we looked into switching her over. We did a trial run with Libreoffice o Windows and a powerpoint she's collaborating on with other people in her union didn't render correctly (text obscured by images) Everyone else in the union will keep running MS office so due to the network effect she has no actual choice.

@tindall At least she gets it. She understands the inherent conflict in the dependency of her union on software produced by a corporation that lobbies the government for goals contradicting the union's goals. She understands that MS could render the union technically inoperable at the blink of an eye.

I tell her I don't want her to give them money and purchase a new MS office licence. Her response: "Yes, but I cannot also abolish capitalism as part of this effort, either."

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