nice to see DoorDash’s crumminess getting some press coverage - easy way to fight this (for now, I guess) is to tip $0 in the app and then hand over some cash at the door! driver gets their full pay from the company plus your full tip!

@ticky managers taking tips is also happening at restaurants. always, always tip cash

@t54r4n1 these are such garbage practices. Mandate a living wage and remove tipping from the equation altogether except as a reward for truly exceptional service!

@t54r4n1 source: in Australia we just have a much more reasonable minimum wage, and tipping is rare because it’s much more non-essential (sadly we have a neoliberal government who keep destroying worker protections though so I guess we’ll see for how long)

@ticky europe manages to have excellent servers who don't rely on tips, possibly because, they are employed, and are compensated for their performance, according to the terms of their contracts? wild to think: workers have jobs with wages.
management stop lying about the cost of your labor on your menu list prices challenge 2k19

@t54r4n1 incredible, it’s almost like paying people for work is how you pay people for their work????

@t54r4n1 @ticky delivery people are often handled as self-employed to avoid paying minimum wage here (in Germany, which is part of Europe)

Servers are rarely paid more than minimum wage, which is not enough to cover rent and food if you live in a mayor city, and many places simply don’t pay minimum wage at all.

I know multiple people working in that industry and they all rely on tips to cover living expenses.

I don’t know how it’s in other European countries but at least here you should tip.

@dysphoricunicorn @ticky that's rough, sorry. I definitely painted with the "been to approximately 4 european countries" broad brush of an american.
workers should be paid, dammit

@maverynthia yep! unfortunately cash is necessary to avoid letting capitalists redefine the nature of employment 😕

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