this “z-axis conductive tape” is absolute witchcraft and I want a roll of the stuff

it’s double-sided tape which is conductive only from one side to the other, conductivity is not present along the length or width of the tape!


this means you can do completely silly things like tape a chip to its pads on a circuit board or tape a ribbon cable to a memory card!

I learned about it via the latter, which is a ribbon cable you can use on a PSP Go to use normal-sized memory stick duo storage on it, and at first I thought “z-axis conductive tape” was a mistranslation or something but it turns out it’s just really clever and neat!

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@ticky the first Pebble used this stuff to connect the display to the board, which wasn't a good idea as it didn't hold for long enoug, causing screen tearing

@noiob oh no! I guess at least it’s readily available to replace?

@ticky @noiob Err, I think that may be wrong. The original Pebble used elastomeric connectors (aka ZEBRA strips.)

@ticky That said, thanks for introducing me to this Super Cool Thing. This seems really fun for making one-off projects for special events or experiments.

@ticky !!!!

i *need* a copious quantity of this

this is really really really really cool

@ticky Taping a chip to the pads with a single strip of tape is insane. How durable is it?

@tsturm not sure! I suspect it’s better kept to prototyping rather than mass-production use :P

@ticky I am already thinking of all the amazing “I don’t feel like soldering this yet” use cases.

This is dark magic.

@toxicity yeah, not the sort of thing to base a project around unless it has a very particular set of requirements!

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