do yourself a favor and avoid by blacklisting this domain:

some asshat is creating throwaway accounts and messaging random people with the same crap over and over

(? what's the tag for admins who aren't running mastodon??)

@grainloom is it possible to blacklist domains instance-wide? didn't found something after a brief look..

@mt idk, I'm not an admin :blobshrug:
@chr or @nightpool might know something

it's probably possible on Pleroma with their fancy shmancy MRFs
@kaniini can you confirm?


@grainloom @mt @chr I have a planned update for cybre today that will block spam-like mentions to users (includes link, not a reply, from an account with no local followers). I'll make a post once it's out

@nightpool @mt @chr
btw some of the spam i saw was in replies, so letting replies slip through might not be a good idea

@grainloom @chr yep, talked about this w/ gargron in a different thread, will fix

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