LB: Yeah yeah I know that's via Hacker News, but oh DANG: :
In China’s tech sector a peculiar uprising has begun: workers are demanding to be treated fairly. Even more fascinating is that the medium by which this movement is taking shape is via a single Github repo, which at the time of writing has over 200,000 stars making it one of Github’s most popular repos of all time.
"Repo for counting stars and contributing. Press F to pay respect to glorious developers."

At the time of writing, the 996 website isn’t blocked in China, but greedy tech companies have decided to block it themselves. Tencent’s Wechat refuses to open the site, as does Alibaba’s UC Browser and Qihoo’s 360 browser. It seems Chinese tech companies don’t want their employees getting the idea that they should be treated fairly. Given the popularity of the 996 repo, though, it seems that the word is getting out.

Tech workers of the world, unite!

And apparently Twitter seems to be globally banning linking to the website?
(From the official Twitter mobile apps.)

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@nightpool I'm not on Twitter, so I can't check, but someone could probably check it pretty easily by trying to post a different another "[0-9]*\.icu" URL?
(Also that was a week ago, so it could have been changed by now?)

@gaditb yeah looking at the more recent replies it seems like it might have been fixed

@gaditb both URLs i tried work. i wonder if there was a problem with the TLD or the domain itself triggered some sort of spam detection (maybe just due to being viral, or maybe there was a coordinated mass twitter posting about it or something?)

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