the day will come when i type "humble bundle" on the first try without accidentally typing "humble bumble" first, but it'll be long after the end of human civilization

@minty_da I misread the first part, and immediately knew where this was going

@minty_da unfortunately, it will have coincided with the rise of bumblebee civilization and you'll actually be trying to go to humble bumble to find great bee homesteading tips and cute homey porn

@shoofle that plus having to learn how to type with my new grabbers is gonna really mess with me

@minty_da so clumsy but they already feel better than your clunky old hands, don't they~

@minty_da sorry I just read someone's mcstories link and that cadence is stuck in my brain now

@minty_da it's almost like, I can't think about anything else,,,

@minty_da At least you, an bee, have an excuse to make that typo, I'm just an idiot. =P

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