teaching that MIDI note 60 is middle C as a reference point:

- 60? least memorable number ever
- that's like 261.32whatever Hz, what even is that
- middle?? no one has been able to afford an 88 key keyboard for centuries

teaching that MIDI note 69 is A4 as a reference point:

- 440 Hz baby, that's a tuning standard
- i'll remember it until i die
- ehuehuehuehue

@minty_da I didn’t know how much I needed music shitposts like this

@minty_da bonus: A4 is a good paper size, for when you go to print your notes out

@minty_da do we need to update all video to 69 frames per second

@cadence @quarky setting A4 to 432 is a bit of a thing among some crowds. It's supposed to give the music different qualities.

@jellypotato @cadence it's evolved in some places to the musical equivalent to flat earth - having more and more wild attributes associated with it; and some wild backstory to do with lightning resonating in the atmosphere
for 99% of people the tuning doesn't matter, since you can only tell different notes apart by comparing them to each other. so while it might sound dark or atonal in comparison, a 432Hz tuned song in isolation will do nothing for you

@quarky @jellypotato @cadence
AFAIK it used to be the standard tuning in The Olden Days? So there are groups who play in that for historical accuracy?? But that might just be some different frequency besides 440 Hz. Idk, someone more interested could look this up.

@minty_da While I'm here, what's the background of your avatar? Been seeing that same colour splash on a lot of avatars lately.


i get your complaint ...
(also, why C ... isn't A the start of the alphabet (also syncing with your 440Hz arg (although this tuning reference pitch has gotten increasingly more sharp over time)))

but there are causes!

i think "middle" C is because it's more or less in the middle of the human vocal range (aside from the "why C" conundrum mentioned above)

with MIDI they just picked a tone (again C), called it 0 and went up.

a problem with 60 is that there are 12 notes to the octave (base 12); accordingly, our digital (base 10) system does not align ...

anyway, music systems are always flawed ...

@js0000 i'm just jokingggggggggggg i know all of these things already thank youuuuu

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