email from Meetup.Com:

"Learn about the latest trends and topics at Open Source Community Day, a conference dedicated to open source technologies! Hear from experts at AWS, Google Cloud, Microsoft, TIBCO and more on how open source has addressed some of the toughest data, cloud, and analytics requirements for enterprises. "

Nah, don't think I'm interested!

Besides I signed up for local offline events, not global online events.


re start the personal computing revolutions 

@alcinnz jfc it's just insane that capitalism now owns & is open source. nice that there's some cooperation but this is not the fragging point. liberate users, liberate computing, re start the personal computing revolutions

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@jauntywunderkind420 That's why the Free Software movement exists! It's not about f***ing quality and money; it's all about freedom for everyone!

re start the personal computing revolutions 

@jauntywunderkind420 @alcinnz This is the type of example for people who say "There's no difference between Open Source and Free Software" The licenses may be similar, but the respect for the user is what Free Software is all about.

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