What’s the #plan9 answer to databases? Feels like a file system with a ctl file you can send queries to and get structured data from the placed files, one record per file.

Am I way out in left field here? Does something like this already exist? Seems like it would be more performant than dropping records in the fscache, but I’m still a little green on this OS.

@djmoch 9p has structured data: files.

maybe you could write to a query file & it would go make a new directory with your results.

even this feels too mystical & im not sure the point. you have your data. when would writing small shell scripts to "query" that data be insufficient?

@jauntywunderkind420 It would definitely use 9p. What I’m wondering is if there’d be a performance benefit using a special-purpose file server vs writing records directly to fscache. Probably depends on the application.
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