the tech industry has a really bad habit of just accepting what everyone else is doing as Legit(tm) and not thinking about it, inadvertantly contributing to absolute garbage being propagated everywhere

see: electron, mongodb, the x86 cpu architecture

@haskal x86 isn't really even doing x86 anymore though, is it? aren't they basically risc processors interpreting x86 instructions or something now?

@trwnh @haskal personally, I haven't found a legit use-case for MongoDB outside (I don't know how to effectively model my data so let's just throw it _all_ in there)

@haskal And yet, I've seen many complaints, lots of good work on alternatives, and also lots of changes over the years. (And also lots of churn.) It doesn't seem like an industry that's stuck in the status quo when stuff gets thrown out and replaced all the time.

@haskal to be fair, most good solutions get crushed if they require change.

I don't think it's acceptance, I think it's survivorship bias.

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