folks, what's a good portable Scheme that runs on Plan 9 and modern nixes? should i just stick to tinyscheme?
s9fes? or is the latter too niche? i'd like my code to be portable to other schemes if possible.

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Chicken looks nice but it doesn't look like it supports Plan 9

OOoor if I can write it in a portable way, what should I targer?
all I need is file access and maaaaybe fork(). is R5RS enough?

@eli_oat probably not out of the box as it needs C99 and APE only has C89, but some light patching isn't out of the question.
but I was hoping for something more mature.

@grainloom ah, gotchya -- didn't know that! Thanks. Also not sure about this one, but maybe

@jeko Musarella development and a port/reimagination of Guix. also some other hobby projects, like my blog, maybe some gamedev, etc.

@gnomon it doesn't work out of the box and the JIT code almost definitely isn't portable

@grainloom it doesn't work out of the box??

Thank you, I'll go ping Andy about that. Thanks for letting me know.

@gnomon @grainloom

> ** scm_t_uint8, etc deprecated in favor of C99 stdint.h

Sounds like dependency on C99 is core to some internal changes and won't be easily patched out.…
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