someone should invent a mode for real-life communication that completely shuts down all display of emotion and makes you speak and act in the most neutral way, so that people never interpret what i want to say in the wrong way

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@devurandom That's an interesting thought. I feel like, since mediums of communication are designed by us for us to communicate, and we are emotional beings, it's always going to be possible to inject ambiguity and emotion into a message sent through any medium.

@devurandom Thinking about technical languages that are designed to communicate things in absolute terms, and the category I have the most experience with there is programming languages, even there it would be trivial to re-write a piece of code in a pedantic way, or passive-aggressively, or maliciously, while preserving the same output of running that code. I bet that applies to other technical language groups in other fields, too, like logic or mathematics, although I wouldn't know

@devurandom So I think any system you could devise with that goal in mind, people would immediately find a way to express themselves in ambiguous and emotional ways using that system.

@devurandom Another, more concrete example: The multiplayer video game League of Legends has a "ping" system, which allows you to communicate things through a sound accompanied by a visual marker. Analyzing it as a language, it seems extremely simplistic; there are only a few units of the language, which you could call "there", "I'm going there", "danger there", "something is missing there", and a couple of variants like "target <object>" and "danger <object>".

@devurandom And desire this limited vocabulary, people manage to use this language to express excitement, frustration, anger, exasperation, jokes, teasing, bullying...

@devurandom I actually just read a novels that involved a system very much like this, it was really interesting! Elder Race by Adrian Tchaikovsky:

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