made a pull request for that adjusts key graphics to be more colorblind friendly. red keys have a horizontal line on them, yellow keys a vertical line, and blue keys an X shape.

also adjusted skullkey icons to have horns and shapes like actual skull keys.

@devurandom Nitpick, but if the menu sprites for the keys are turned 90°, shouldn't the lines inside also be effectively reversed between red and orange?

@bluestarultor i actually fixed that, but i uploaded the wrong pic here. here are the actual hud sprites for keys, they're meant to represent the upper part of each key

@bluestarultor also, there's been another change: i made it so that the -, + and X-like lines on the keys are gray instead of key-colored for contrast and readability.

@devurandom Otherwise fantastic work! I wouldn't have known it wasn't original if you hadn't said so!

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