POST PRIVACY - who can see your post?

Anyone can see and boost your post everywhere.

โœ… Tagged people
โœ… Followers
โœ… People who look for it
โŒ Local and federated timelines
โœ… Boostable

โœ… Tagged people
โœ… Followers
โŒ People who look for it
โŒ Local and federated timelines
โŒ Boostable

โœ… Tagged people
โŒ Followers
โŒ People who look for it
โŒ Local and federated timelines
โŒ Boostable

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For "followers only"/"private" : if your toot is a response to a thread, it will be seen only by people who follows you and also follows the first user you mentionned/tagged.

(it was the hardest to understand for me ^^')

@Nocta Oof that is not fun to get your head around!

@Nocta @cassolotl I'm really sorry to say this isn't it either ๐Ÿ™ƒ

It's people who follow you and the person you're directly replying to. If you're replying to a toot by Bob who also tagged Alex and Cas then they have to follow you and Bob to see it in their timeline, regardless of what your toot's publicity level is.

@cassolotl @Nocta You can *access* that follower only toot in the reply thread if you follow the person who made it, regardless of who they replied to, but replies to people you don't follow don't *show up* in any of the main feeds.

@InspectorCaracal @cassolotl
@cassolotl @InspectorCaracal

I wasn't speaking about the main feeds, I was speaking about your own feed.

Maybe it behaves like you describe, but the example you gave behaves the same with what I described and what you described.

The thread looks like this :
Alex : "Hey Mastodon !"
Bob : "@Alex Hey, did you met @Cas ?"
You, in "followers only" mode : "@Bob I'm not sure Cas still comes around"

Now, me, if I follows you and bob, I'll see your toot. Otherwise, I won't see it.

I said it was because Bob was the first person mentionned in the toot. You said it was because you answered Bob's toot. The result is the same here.

@Nocta @cassolotl It isn't, though, because you can move the mentions around and sometimes mastodon does, so the order of the names is irrelevant

@cassolotl I love it, one simple click between being an exemplary human being and degenerate shitposting about whatever

@kodama Heh, that's an amusing way to see it, I approve. :D

@cassolotl "publicly viewable on your profile" is probably a better way to put that

@cassolotl Maybe also an idea to add something about blocked accounts. Cause that overrides everything and doesn't scare people away for the first (public) option.

@dragonluvr89 You're very welcome, I'm glad it works for you! :)

I'm not sure all the privacy rules federate to non-mastodon instances, maybe that got fixed though. But if not it would be worth mentioning.

@einebiene In 2.0.0 there are some more private things that don't federate to incompatible instances (non-Mastodon, earlier versions of Mastodon) - but I don't know enough to comment about that. :S Hopefully someone else can do so!

But having said that, the vast majority of people newbies will bump into for a while after joining will be on Mastodon specifically, and I don't want to add confusion unnecessarily.

@cassolotl IMHO a pitfall with "unlisted" is that the post will show up on the public web version of your timeline.

@galaxis Yeah, it's just there to keep stuff out of the timelines that don't add to the local/global conversation. It's assumed that you want people to see it if they go looking for your profile, I think!

@cassolotl Is there a way to make a post that will be boostable, visible the tagged people and to anyone looking for it, but not pushed to the local/federated timeline or to any of my followers' timelines?

@Wolf480pl Sadly not! If it's unlisted, it doesn't appear in public timelines or hashtag searches. Personally I think hashtagged posts should appear in hashtag searches even when unlisted, and I think there is a feature request/bug report about this, but at the moment if you want it to appear in hashtag searches the post privacy has to be set to "public".

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