@agony yea i struggle with this.. requires a perspective change towards incremental, process-oriented (like art is done)

rather than completionist, result-oriented (like they teach in schools)

@agony If you don't have a whole ass, use what you've got. Half-assed is better than nothing.

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banananonbinary (on Tumblr):

one of the hardest things to learn as a depressed former Gifted Kid™ is that half-assed is better than nothing. take the 50%, 40%, even 20% job.
scrubbing your face is better than not taking a shower at all. picking up your clothes is better than never cleaning. nibbling on some bread is better than starving.


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redheadhatchet (on Tumblr):

One of my college professors used to say “anything worth doing is worth doing poorly.” I didn’t understand that for years because I didn't do anything poorly, I couldn’t do anything poorly, I had to Do Everything Perfectly.


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But brushing your teeth for 30 seconds is better than not brushing them at all when that 2 minutes seems exhausting. Doing ten minutes of yoga is better than 10 minutes of sitting when 30 minutes of cardio sounds impossible. Changing my clothes is good when a whole shower is impossible. Standing on the porch for a few minutes is worth it after being in the house for three straight days because I don’t have the energy to go anywhere.


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Anything worth doing is worth doing poorly... because doing it poorly is better than not doing it.

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@brad Oh dang... you're totally right, I misread the username.

Even though I OCR'd and reviewed the text, I only thought of adding the username afterwards, so I did that by hand. It's 100% on me.

Thanks for pointing it out!

re: Image Transcription (1/4) 

@brad Yeah, haha. 😅 This was the first time I tried to use OCR to transcribe an image over here, thanks to Pinafore's new feature! I had to fix some things (namely "I" being recognised as "|" in places), but the results were astoundingly positive overall!

This is THE EXACT ENERGY I need to be channeling rn.
Thank you for sharing <3

@agony I have a variant of this I say to anyone working on something big that you often put off or you feel guilty you aren't doing (art usually)-- if you do something each day then each day you've done a day's work.

Heh... I was identified as gifted in elementary school, but I never did care much about school so I never had the grades for them to do anything about it with. I think I accidentally took this advice to heart back then, and it's probably served me well. It meant I had the time to get in to computers, and be a fuckup while I learned from older, smarter people. Got a great job now, so it all worked out in the end and I'm glad I didn't waste the effort getting A's.

I was actually really surprised I graduated high school. Apparently I passed math with 50.1%. I funny think it's helped me get a job, really. :p


"I heard a whisper
That careless talk costs more than you bargained for
In seventh heaven
If a thing's worth doing, it's worth doing badly baby"

- Scritti Politti "Small Talk"


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