an open-world game where all the quest rewards are intrinsic instead of extrinsic

quest: follow the mountain trail
reward: it's a really nice walk

spoilers for mother 3 enemy i guess 

@HTHR hmm ... Would having a checklist be too much of a "reward"....

@modernmodron i don't think so! a checklist can be a good way to encourage players to experiment (see the checklist in Untitled Gooses Game)

@HTHR i really like games that pit intrinsic rewards against extrinsic ones instead of assuming that wealth brings happiness

quest: give this cute villager a t-shirt

cost: not being able to pay your home loan

reward: they wear your t-shirt

@HTHR this is how I play Breath of the Wild and it's great

@HTHR my favorite mmos have included badges that you get from finding neat little out of the way spots where there's a cool view that you would probably never notice if you're grinding mobs to hit max level as quickly as possible

@HTHR that's how good games always worked. Classic Fallout, GTA, Witcher 3, you name it. Maybe the quest took you through beautiful scenery, may be it presented a stimulating challenge, maybe the dialogs are funny. Adventure is its own reward. Extrinsic reward is just a bonus.

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