finally saw Watchmen. now i know the answer to that question: who watches the watchmen? me, like half an hour ago

the government should pay me to follow cops around and say "hey, you can't do that" and throw popcorn at them when they violate human rights

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now i know what you're thinking: heather, there's like a hundred or a million cops or something, how are you gonna follow all of them? the answer is that in this alternate universe there's only two cops and their job is to have me follow them around and pelt them with popcorn

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Wait, so the government funds TV comedies? That sounds extremely Canadian.


‘Quis custodiet ipsos custodies? Your grace.’
‘I know that one,’ said Vimes. Who watches the watchmen? Me, Mr Pessimal.’
‘Ah, but who watches you, your grace?’ said the inspector, with a brief smile.
‘I do that too. All the time,’ said Vimes. (Th)

@HTHR I mean, I really liked your joke :-D :-D

But I've reread Thud more than most Pratchett and that's saying something.

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