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until deviation becomes necessary, this instance will follow the terms of service/code of conduct of the flagship instance. please read and follow them while participating in this community.

additional guidelines:

  • pings containing a piece of art must be credited, ideally with a link back to the source.
  • provide appropriate content warnings on potentially sensitive posts and use nsfw tags liberally on adult images, spoilers, and other content that not everyone may want to see.
  • current event discussion is permitted but you are highly encouraged to use a current event or politics content-warning
  • cybre.space is a multilingual instance and speakers of any language are welcome.
  • users connecting through participating telecom providers may be eligible for a complementary relay and/or shoutout at their sole discretion.

this instance uses mutant standard emoji winking smiley face, which are licensed cc-by-nc-sa.

pride heart emoji are by discord user camerata#4771

:wide_w: :wide_i: :wide_d: :wide_e: :wide_t: :wide_e: :wide_x: :wide_t: by @masklayer@slime.global

:fire_*: and :girdog: emoji by sadistsugar.tumblr.com

:ollie: :ollie: emoji excerpted from the woeventures of woecat by tumblr user arijandro.

:*_potion: emoji by @Dizzy@elekk.xyz