Who even the fuck is in charge of making up these James Bond-ass names for security vulnerabilities? Heartbleed. Meltdown. Spectre.

To think that if the Linux kernel mailing list had got their way, it would be FUCKWIT

(that's why the LKML doesn't get their way lol)

Andrew Zyabin [cybre aspect]


First of all, a catchy name is important.
If one were told there is a critical vulnerability in their CPs called CVE-2017-5753, they might ignore it with a 'CVE-wat?'
If one were told the vulnerability is called FUCKWIT (as in two words), I'm clearly silent.

@zyabin101 @nev Except that besides general awareness and panicy sensationalist press articles and hot takes it doesn't help, everyone seems to know there is a vulnerability but hardly anyone knows specifics

@elomatreb @zyabin101 I'm not even sure what everyday users should take away aside from "install system updates"

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