And before you ask: yes this is a glitch feature in the generator.

screw it, let's dirty delete the post at the aspect

Well, I declare my next attempt at humane Computing.

Unfortunately, with TeX I lose all the niceties I had with LibreOffice. Ah well, deal with it.

(Also I *almost* submitted it w/ 'Production' instead of 'Publication' lol)

in awe at the size of this lady. absolute unit

(Source: BYTE issue for March 1992, page 0 (Gateway 2000 ad))

In a parallel universe, this advertisement was actually in the newest, April 1048 video issue of OCTEJTO

I have put in thousands of hours on my poetry generator over the past three years. Thousands. It gets rough, sometimes I feel like I should get rid of the whole thing and simply write poems on my own.

But every so often, the computer writes something for me that makes it all worthwhile. Like tonight, when it gave me this line:

Welcome to the Future of Computing

You've been hit by 👏👏
You've been struck by 👏
A smooth terminal 🕺

You've been hit by 👏👏
You've been struck by 👏
A smooth terminal 🕺

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