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two bros
spiraling in a :matlab: plot
1/(1+h^2) feet apart cause they're not gay

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We think of plants as stationary beings, but they're not. They just live on different timescales to animals like us.

All plants move, their leaves jostling amongst each other, trying to catch the optimal amount of light. But mostly, we don't notice.

Sometimes, I catch my plants moving when their leaves brush past each other. Usually after I adjust their lights, the fussy little things.

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Made my first pasta dough.
Better late than never, I guess? 🤔

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Hate that my phone autocorrects "hell" to "he'll." Like, do you really think i'm more likely to be talking about a man's future than the dominion of Satan? Wtf are you thinking?

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Never seen so many „d‘awwww“‘s by @jemus42 before. Today’s a good day.

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Digging into the ridiculous amounts of blocked DNS requests from my Android phone. Anyone have an idea how I can figure out which apps are responsible?

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In Luigi's Mansion, the Game Boy Horror scan hitbox of the Toad on the 2nd floor balcony is partially overlapped by the scan hitbox of the potted plant near him, resulting in Luigi sometimes remarking how sad it is that no one watered Toad in a long time when scanning him. t.co/MkbmH5Ubrd

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Please boost if your account is safe for non-binary people. :nonbinary: :nb:

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