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Happy to all my beautiful friends. 💖💜💙

[CW eye contact; inspiration by the lovely @DialMforMara]

Haha, remember when I bought this book? I haven't opened it yet [CW eye contact]

Hey, I used to wear round glasses. And facial hair. [2001 shot selected, retouched, and filtered with modern skills. CW eye contact]

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My spouse picked the macOS "Shifting Tiles" screensaver to show our photos on the living room iMac on the wall and I have to say it's pretty much perfect.

(Of course, these aren't our personal photos in the attached image… unfortunately. Gosh that would be amazing if they were.)

I was unpacking my new wallet, which purportedly blocks , and found an RF anti-theft tag under the card advertising the RFID protection 🤔

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