I have two icons in my dock and clicking the left one starts the right one 🤷

These are the helping hands I settled on, after reading a bunch of reviews and such. They have a few upgraded models like one that's a big slab of steel with repositionable arms that magnetize to the base, but I thought this one was a good choice. quadhands.com/products/quadhan

Also spent part of the day rounding up whatever soldering supplies I had. Noticed the screw that holds the tip in on my old Radio Shack (RIP) soldering pencil was stripped, so if we have trouble, might need to buy new…

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Probably the most useful gift I’ve received this year: a set of dual-ended flash drives. 😎

There’s a center neutral position, but they also lock in either C or A mode to plug into whatever.

I reiterate my call to bring about the USB-A-pocalypse but these will do for now. 👍

has decided to start showing me random folks’ wishlists to encourage me to buy things they want, I guess? 🤷‍♀️ cybre.space/media/p8oR1tOX2Jwg

Are you trying to tell me you don’t apply firmware updates to your smartwatch using a portable battery while riding the bus cybre.space/media/mrw9lrQgtwl7

Coming of age for a new Pro is when its owner finally gives up and goes into Energy Saver prefs to turn off "Automatic Graphics Switching"

If you go for one of the new Thunderbolt 3 Pros, I recommend dropping one of these CalDigit TS3 Plus docks on your desk.

They have built-in power supplies that give your MBP a full 85W while powering everything else too. You can connect pretty much everything with a single Thunderbolt 3 cable—a couple 4K monitors, a backup drive and several other 5/10 Gbps USB devices, Ethernet, optical and analog audio, the works.

All this and it barely gets warm.

Today I learned that verified the Memes page and what do words mean anymore

Whoa. This grocery store receipt has a broken ANSI code on it. Blast from the past—but this sort of thing is widely used in stuff like receipt printers.

(ESC-[11m would have selected alternate font 1, and probably set this “NOW HIRING” banner in a wide font.) cybre.space/media/MKWsZ_NiuAVQ

This is still a favorite out of this month's batch, from the 14th [CW eye contact]

Should I use it for an av? Is eye contact in an av a problem (doesn't seem to be…?) I'm kind of getting sick of the brick wall thing.

Happy to all my beautiful friends. 💖💜💙

[CW eye contact; inspiration by the lovely @DialMforMara]

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