DST is terrible for anyone who has to meet other people on a schedule, but especially those of us with sleep disorders. I’ve spent many weeks carefully crafting a routine that reduces insomnia, and now it’s gonna be blown all to hell again for awhile.

@zigg fun fact: it was invented as part of a punchline to make fun of Parisians.

Prompted by @phessler’s comment about DST being the punchline to a joke, I went digging for more and found this: livescience.com/56048-daylight

@zigg The latest excuse for it is to give school-aged children more light in the morning.

@zigg AFAIK, it's about conserving electricity, when it was a new thing, so there wouldn't be as many surges to keep up with.

@maloki Hadn’t heard that one, but we have been finding out that the energy savings are nonexistent, especially with CFL/LED.

I’m a super early riser so I can also say that our family uses more light before 7 a.m. when DST kicks in, too 😊

@zigg yes, today. But when electricity was fairly new, and all houses started to get it, that's when DST was put into general practice. That is all. It's a non issue today, but it wasn't then.

@zigg as a student with extremely irregular sleep schedule, I think for me DST is below the noise floor.

@zigg So glad we were able to accommodate the BBQ and candy lobbies. smh

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