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I love Python to pieces...

... but ...

I desperately hate when a string gets interpreted as a list and suddenly I'm tracing down a bunch of single-character nonsense.

['f', 'u', 'c', 'k', ' ', 't', 'h', 'a', 't', ' ', 's', 'h', 'i', 't']


@craigmaloney We've got to go deeper

[['f'], ['u'], ['c'], ['k'], [' '], ['t'], ['h'], ['a'], ['t'], [' '], ['s'], ['h'], ['i'], ['t']]

zigg :bisexual_flag: @zigg

@balrogboogie @craigmaloney There's also the JSON API version

{"string": [{"character": "f"}, {"character": "u"}, {"character": "c"}, {"character": "k"}, {"character": " "}, {"character": "t"}, {"character": "h"}, {"character": "a"}, {"character": "t"}, {"character": " "}, {"character": "s"}, {"character": "h"}, {"character": "i"}, {"character": "t"}]}

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@balrogboogie @craigmaloney The effort-to-funny ratio for XML is too high 😄

@balrogboogie @zigg @craigmaloney nah, I mean EDI. It's an older standard for document exchange, and is generally a pain to work with.