Kind of into this portable monitor thing. It's literally a panel with a USB-C port, just plugs right into any computer that can do DisplayPort alt mode and PD 7.5W, and viola. You got yourself a display.

The one I got comes with a folio cover to cover the screen, like a tablet—and can stand it at a couple angles. This thing is perfect for visiting headless machine to see wtf is going on with them.

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@zigg you might like this piece I put together. if you're doing server work without a crash cart I think you'll like this.

@zigg worth keeping an eye on for your next monitor/upgrade

i snagged it initially as a 'i think i can make this work after using a dock for a hot minute' and... i sold my laptop within days

not perfect but it smoothed over a ton of silly stuff and i have a wonky rpi with the uperfect lapdock hooked up to it permanently so i can try to sort wtf is happening

ive narrowed it down to a usb device + usb hub i /think/ but cannot be 100% yet

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