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The Shop is closing entirely on January 30. Looks like I need to go see if we have all of our Virtual Console and WiiWare titles downloaded 😦

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@zigg oof... this is why I don't like download-only games >.<

@Felthry Yeah… I try like hell to buy physical if I can, but there are a lot of games in this stash that were never physical 😞

@zigg Nintendo: "Thank you for spending money on our games, but it turns out you don't own them anyway. We hope you enjoy buying the exact same titles again on Switch in a few years."

@zigg Although to be totally fair to Nintendo, this UX is arguably an improvement over digging an old cartridge out of the garage, blowing on it, and then realizing that the battery is dead

@nolan Honestly this trip has been disappointing for a number of reasons, there was so much cool stuff during the Wii's lifetime, channels that had long since gone dark because they were tied to an Internet service that we'd all had so much fun with

@zigg Yeah it is a bit sad. I even kind of miss the weird Opera-based browser that the Wii had.

@nolan @zigg Ha, I helped test widgets on that browser as one of my first tasks when I joined Opera back in 2007!

I left in 2013, but I have very fond memories of working there.

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