Is a viable way to fix the issues with the Classic? I.e., can I put dumps of my NTSC games onto an external stick and solve _most_ of the problems with the thing? Because it's a lot cheaper right now than it was when it debuted, and I would kind of like to preserve the few PlayStation games I have…

I think I'm gonna get a Classic. $60 is hard to pass up if I can use with it. It's a little hard to wade through all the "god this sucks" hyperbole online, but I believe it's in the space of "it wouldn't be worth it if it was unmoddable, but moddability tips the scales".

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@zigg can you actually play original discs in there, or is that a manner of speaking?

@estebanm You're supposed to be able to use cdrdao to rip discs to bin/cue files, which you'd then be able to load onto a flash stick with . I'm gonna give it a shot with my PlayStation discs and a Mac emulator before I plunk down the money, though, I think.

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