: Stop videos from autoplaying! (Updated for Firefox 63!)

1. Go to `about:config` and convince it that you know what you're doing.

2. Search for `media.autoplay.default`.

3. Double-click `0` and enter `1` if you want to always block, or `2` if you want to be prompted for every site that tries to autoplay (which can help with some sites that don't work quite right with blocked autoplay.)

4. Enjoy your significantly-more-pleasant browsing experience!

@zigg Thanks. I'd set 'media.autoplay.enabled' to false but was still getting a lot of autoplay. Fingers crossed this one does the trick!

#Firefox #ProTip: stop videos from autoplaying (and also stop other web annoyances) Show more

@zigg blocking JavaScript with uMatrix or NoScript works pretty well :)

@lufthans @zigg still does not work if you want to see video, just without autoplay

@Skoll3 @zigg yeah, if I want to see the video I might need to temporarily allow some cookies and javascript. Most of the time, I don't

I have a specific Firefox instance for YouTube

I long since gave up on vimeo working under any circumstances

Other sites I take on a case by case basis

I do need to come up with a plan for PeerTube and other Federated video sharing instances

@lufthans @zigg
i mean
youtube-dl works good most of a time
but yeah

@Skoll3 @zigg I use youtube-dl some as well, I prefer non-browser options, but get lazy...

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