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@deabus Heh. This one is supposed to stay in. I used to have the keychain USB-A and was often annoyed having to hang my keychain off the side of my computer sitting on a stand. I'm using it to store TOTP codes with Yubico Authenticator and of course doing the U2F-ish thing.

@OMGTehAwsome The above is probably along the lines of your own wonderings.

@zigg Nah, my concern is what to do about a second key. So for sure a mini USB-C for my personal laptop, but what about my phone/work laptop?

I'd prefer their USB-C keychain, since it's compact, but my current work laptop only has a single USB-C port which I use for docking so it'd be crazy inconvenient. I could do USB-A with NFC, but I'm not even sure NFC will work through my bulky phone case.

@zigg Ooooh, I'm jelly. It's been so hard trying to make a decision about which YubiKey to get.

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