I have another take on the idea of "demanding content warnings from strangers".

I've been asked (never _demanded_) a few times. As a white cis man, it behooves me to listen, even if I choose not to use it in the end. (I always have, though that may not be right for you.)

Look, many of us are here for community and understanding, and sometimes that means listening to things that may seem "alienating" at first--but it's really important to keep our ears and hearts open and understand.

Always be listening.

@zigg Asked and demanded are two different things, which I think was the point.

When someone comes along and says "YOU DID NOT CW THAT YOU ASS" it is very different from "Hey, some people might be triggered by this, do you think you could CW it in the future?"

Or, TL;DR: Don't be pushy. Don't be demanding. Let's all try to get along.

@SuperFloppies That's certainly the approach I'd advocate, though I think it's important to steer clear of tone policing.

However, I also think it's worth noting that the take I'm shamelessly subtooting says "don't demand" and then the example is something saying "please cw that". So, that's kind of exasperating.

@zigg that's pretty much my experience as well, and adding CWs on stuff like rants, dev talk or even negative posts really helped me put things in perspective.

For instance, if you're writing something sad, putting a "Negativity" CW on top of that will likely affect less fragile people, bringing you more freedom to write as you like.

Also, that means that people that people interacting with CWd content are more motivated, leading to more productive and relevant discussions.

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