I want containers, but I want to be able to dump all my browser storage for things _outside_ those containers on exit.

Right now if I want a container to preserve, say, my Google cookies so I don't have to 2FA every time I want to use one of a small handful of services, I have to permit Google cookies to stick around everywhere, including outside the container. This means I'm letting myself be anonymously tracked. 🤷

Update to my containers saga: I found a extension that creates temporary containers for every new tab and throws them away when you close them. This is _perfect_. github.com/stoically/temporary

@zigg omg I'm installing the heck out of this. I tried using the semi-official containers extension for a while but it was buggy and kept randomly losing settings, and ever since I've resorted to manually turning cookie settings on/off, which is downright painful

@flussence I use both this and the official extension (as recommended)—this gives me temporary containers and the official extension lets me create space with preserved storage for specific sites.


@flussence All that said, I'd be interested to know if you have trouble with it. I haven't yet, but I just started…

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