I want containers, but I want to be able to dump all my browser storage for things _outside_ those containers on exit.

Right now if I want a container to preserve, say, my Google cookies so I don't have to 2FA every time I want to use one of a small handful of services, I have to permit Google cookies to stick around everywhere, including outside the container. This means I'm letting myself be anonymously tracked. 🤷

zigg 💻

Update to my containers saga: I found a extension that creates temporary containers for every new tab and throws them away when you close them. This is _perfect_. github.com/stoically/temporary

Amusingly, I found it in the comments of a less-capable extension, which people were griping was obfuscated. This extension is totally open. 👍

Thanks to stoically's Temporary Containers extension working in concert with the official Multi-Account Containers extension, containers have graduated from "neat idea" to "killer feature" in my book. I need to write a blog post about this.

Example workflow: open . New tab is already in a temporary container that'll be thrown away when I close it. I can open new tabs anytime, each one is in its own temporary container.

Type "cybre" into a tab and pick cybre.space/ from the awesomebar. I've configured a Cyberspace container, so it flips right over to that one where I'm already logged-in.

Click a GitHub link here, it opens in a temporary container. Make a GitHub container, log in. Now all GitHub links open in that container.

@DialMforMara It’s like an isolated browser. It has its own cookies, local storage, and web database. So you’re keeping sites away from each other, which is especially important as Facebook and Google in particular have the entire web bugged with their tracking.

@zigg omg I'm installing the heck out of this. I tried using the semi-official containers extension for a while but it was buggy and kept randomly losing settings, and ever since I've resorted to manually turning cookie settings on/off, which is downright painful

@flussence I use both this and the official extension (as recommended)—this gives me temporary containers and the official extension lets me create space with preserved storage for specific sites.

@flussence All that said, I'd be interested to know if you have trouble with it. I haven't yet, but I just started…

@zigg my first thought was "just use incognito" but now I see how it can be useful from your example workflow

@tsia The really cool part about containers is I basically have easy-to-use, on-demand, completely isolated browsers and it’s okay to let a site like Facebook set cookies again, because they’ll only ever be used _on Facebook_

@zigg true. i use containers as well. especially for facebook etc

@tsia Yeah, this extension just gave me the missing piece—now every new tab is a new container that'll be thrown away when I close it. And if I want to let a site keep data I just use the Mozilla Multi-Account Containers extension to make an exception for that site.

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