As you all might've remembered, I really found "The Men with the Pink Triangle" a super-important book and was enriched greatly by reading it. So much so that I thought I might like it in my personal library.

Except it's out of print and going for $60-$80 some places.

This is why my local and the system we have in Michigan is so important. I can get any book from any library in the state, including that one. Please support your local library. ❤

@a_breakin_glass @zigg Torrenting rare texts is solidarity.

If the news out of EU is a reliable benchmark of elite intent, they will come to kneecap the libraries eventually. When they are done, there will be nothing left for us but digital samizdat.

@zigg hi can you please CW stuff about libraries and reading books, it can be frustrating to people with adhd to hear people talking about this stuff

@quine I can try to do that, sure, can you help me understand a little more what the issue is so I can be effective? I've been diagnosed ADD and lived with ADD people and wasn't aware books were an issue.

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