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zigg @zigg

Has science gone too far?

[reposted from niu.moe/@esheep/10001247011470 with image caption]

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@phessler This _is_ kind of awesome and I'd love to find out who made it

@zigg this is the first time I’ve wanted a DS, so I say SCIENCE HAS FINALLY GONE FAR ENOUGH

@zigg is that a GBA SP screen assembly they're using?

Love the SNES style buttons....

@awilfox Looks like it, doesn't it? Here's the original—maybe rooting through the Instagram might answer the question instagram.com/p/BTnnO6wAI9q/

Thanks to @futureheads242 for the pointer—the original source of this masterpiece is instagram.com/p/BTnnO6wAI9q/