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time again?

Hi everyone, I'm zigg!

I'm into , , lately and .

I'm an on-again, off-again fan, lately playing what I can on my .

I dig a wide variety of , particularly .

I just came out as late last year--and did that first here, thanks to the support of the wonderful community.

I love the of the world and I want to see people of all stripes flourish and be happy.


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Ready for some weekend reading

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i would like to hug my friends who are comfortable with hugs

to this end, i'm canceling distance

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#็Œซ #cat #cats catgram.jp/media/duK_6KlGnhU6o catgram.jp/media/7s3H5qSfqOWS4

Decrypting messages


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Happy Friday! We did it! We made it! Yay!!!

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Human body is 70% of water so weโ€™re basically cucumbers with anxiety.

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finally got around to uploading some sticker designs to cybre.space's DesignByHumans store. want to stick the cybrespace logo on stuff? how about florping some real life items? you can do these things now!

looks like they're priced at $3/a pop + $2.75 shipping (which i assume is amortized if you buy multiple at a time)


Gosh I love the Beardโ€™s โ€œFalling For Foreverโ€

It has no business being this good

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And when I get that feelin'
Those bisexual feelings
Bisexual feelings, oh baby
You all look so fine

@iks: Donโ€™t forget to sleep tonight

ME: Oh goodness, thanks, I knew there was something I had to do

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Someone please phone Seattle and see if I left my consciousness there

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Yo, man we've literally had a billion stories about cishet folks.

More shows/movies about gay relationships, trans relationships, bi relationships, relationships that we don't even have a name for yet.

More shit that gets deep into the plethora of humans experiences we haven't even scratched the surface of yet.

Iโ€™ve got ๐ŸŽต feeee-lings ๐ŸŽต

When did I type โ€œbroccoliโ€, recent emoji picker ๐Ÿฅฆ

I get nervous talking about anything I love because what if someone tries it and hates it

They might hate _me_ and never listen to me ever again

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S ometimes i just
H ave to get on the
I nternet and
T ype up a
P ost so the
O utside doesn't
S eem so
T errible to the
I mpressionable youth.
N ice
G oing, ebeth, send toot