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Morning y'all. I'd boycott but Amazon already decided I can't because I don't pay their membership fee. ๐Ÿ™ƒ

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ethical social media is a revolutionary miracle of our own making. supporting your local administrators with monetary, emotional, and other forms of appreciation is a healthy way to subvert the capitalistic corporations that many of us are here to escape from in the first place

:smb3_sun: is out in force today and I just canโ€™t

Okay, this waking up at 3 AM thing needs to end

TIL there's a companion called "Turtle Recall" that Sir Terry worked on before he passed on goodreads.com/book/show/180901

Shopping for USB-C stuff because it's ๐Ÿ’ป upgrade time soon

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I think I just heard someone say โ€œI could really go for Totoโ€™s Africa but in Mario Paintโ€ youtu.be/C_iaGf73Bq0

I finally found my non-๐ŸŒˆ watch strap; it was in my backpack for some reason

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โ”ƒโ•ฑโ•ฑโ•ฒโ•ฒthis house
โ•ฑโ•ฑโ•ญโ•ฎโ•ฒโ•ฒis on a lake
โ•ฑโ•ฑโ”โ”ณโ”“โ•ญโ•ฎโ”โ”ณโ”“ โ•ฒโ•ฒ
โ•ฒโ•ฒโ”—โ”ปโ”›โ•ฐโ•ฏโ”—โ”ปโ”› โ•ฑโ•ฑ
โ•ฒโ•ฒโ•ฐโ•ฏโ•ฑโ•ฑแด‰s ou ษ lษสžว
โ”ƒโ•ฒโ•ฒโ•ฑโ•ฑส‡ษฅแด‰s ษฅonsว

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I just canโ€™t with my talk prep today ๐Ÿ˜‘

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on this nonbinary pride day let's remember that nonbinary literally just means "identifies as something other than the gender binary" and that's like an infinite universe of possible things thank,s :agender_flag: :bigender_flag: :genderfluid_flag: :genderqueer_flag: :nonbinary_flag: :intersex_flag: :demiboy_flag: :demigirl_flag:

I think I might take a nap before working on my talkโ€ฆ

Just got back from the Art in the Park in , . It's huuuuuge. Spouse: "I forgot how big that wasโ€ฆ" artinthepark.com/