First time I'd ever done a transfer to and saw the Pikmin do their thing.

I am utterly charmed in the middle of an otherwise tedious day of deciding which Wii has the save files I want and groaning at the fact that I have to redownload every title on my SD card.

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The Shop is closing entirely on January 30. Looks like I need to go see if we have all of our Virtual Console and WiiWare titles downloaded 😦

I have two icons in my dock and clicking the left one starts the right one 🤷

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Help, I'm considering selling my Wii U version of New Super Mario Bros. U + Super Luigi U to buy the Deluxe version

I am part of the problem 😬

I wrote about what my journey from college dropout to software developer and consultant looked like, and the lessons I learned along the way.

The Shop is closing entirely on January 30. Looks like I need to go see if we have all of our Virtual Console and WiiWare titles downloaded 😦

If you're on and you want to take a DVD with you without taking your DVD _drive_ with you, you can install dvdbackup and libdvdcss from Homebrew, insert and unmount (but don't eject, i.e. `diskutil unmount`) your DVD, then run `dvdbackup -Mvpi /dev/disk3` (where `disk3` is the device your DVD is mounted to, cf. `diskutil list`)

I was going to attempt to reseat my youngest’s laptop drive but I have no idea where I put my screwdriver. 😑

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What's a good computer scanner to buy if you use Linux primarily?

I don't need or want an integrated printer. Thank you ^.^

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Do I want for enough to drive to work this week and pick up a used copy at a GameStop near the office

I think I'm gonna get a Classic. $60 is hard to pass up if I can use with it. It's a little hard to wade through all the "god this sucks" hyperbole online, but I believe it's in the space of "it wouldn't be worth it if it was unmoddable, but moddability tips the scales".

Phew, RiME is unsettling to play on an undocked . Framerate is making me ill 🤢

Is a viable way to fix the issues with the Classic? I.e., can I put dumps of my NTSC games onto an external stick and solve _most_ of the problems with the thing? Because it's a lot cheaper right now than it was when it debuted, and I would kind of like to preserve the few PlayStation games I have…

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Shout out to the eBay sellers selling download codes for close to $50 just because the physical game is rare

These are the helping hands I settled on, after reading a bunch of reviews and such. They have a few upgraded models like one that's a big slab of steel with repositionable arms that magnetize to the base, but I thought this one was a good choice.

Also spent part of the day rounding up whatever soldering supplies I had. Noticed the screw that holds the tip in on my old Radio Shack (RIP) soldering pencil was stripped, so if we have trouble, might need to buy new…

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