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if you see a person of color criticizing a white woman for doing whiteness and call them a misogynist, I mean, I definitely see where your feminism stems from

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people of color who aren't women can 100% make fun of white women. no, really, it's fine. I'm a white woman and I'm formally giving my permission to criticize white femininity

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metal band: *assorted growls*
me: good. what else you got
metal band: *vague chanting*
me: yes. go on
metal band: we need to secure the—

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@RussellsBarbershopQuartet josef stalin's only flaw was his ginormous ass. he was constantly accidentally hitting buttons with it

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a lot of the time reactionaries seem to be perfectly miserable, and their only response to that is to keep doubling down on the things that make them miserable. this is the meaning of karma

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I don't know how else to explain it to ya, Mark... there ain't one 'true' socialism. different material conditions, cultures and periods in time call for different kinds of revolution. All contradictions are not the same.

Listen, man. any existin' socialism is an experiment and we must show support for those nations in their fight against imperialism.

Mark, listen, I gotta go. Boss is houndin' my ass. Go read some Mao like I told you before.

shock doctrine 

session looked cool but then of course it's got shady owner who used to be all over 8chan and got VC money

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why is pulseaudio a massive flaming pile of garbage

so, in terms of secure messaging that doesn't require a phone number, is matrix really the best we can do? how depressing

“whataboutism” is such a stupid term and anybody who uses it in earnest should be ashamed

this toot was a product of me deciding the initial 4 paragraphs I had written went too hard

I really need a blog for long form posts

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There are 7 countries that start with the letter i. Here they are in alphabetical order:


Thats all of them

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thinking about how IQ started as a clinical tool to help identify students in need of special attention by teachers but then it got turned into a eugenics thing almost immediately and sold to the US Army so they could use it for racism purposes

if antitrust law actually mattered Nvidia wouldn’t be allowed to buy Arm

would be cool if I figured out how to sit at my desk for longer than an hour without getting crippling neck pain

what the fuck is John Kerry posting

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