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I'm Zhanchi, sometimes also known as Carly / @carly; I'm a full-stack and freelance rpg writer and poet.


follow 4 the following content:
💻 why isn't my code working
:heart_lesbian: gay content
:d10: and stuff
:oh_no: why is the tech industry Like This
🧠 anxiety +
📚 whatever i and/or am submitting
🐈 cats

Please boost.

If I wanted to invite someone who is into tech and queer stuff to a good place on the fediverse where would it be

i don't need more variations on an olive green jacket but what if i do???

it's finally happened. i guess i'm into bts now

@HTHR - don't introduce an important character, concept, or thing after the first half of the plot
- characters should enter a scene with information or leave with intent
- if exposition is necessary, tie it to an emotion so it becomes a character's motive rant
- first draft of the scene should have all the emotions and motives on the surface, final draft should push most of those things into subtext

every episode on the dvd has a commentary track and it's basically like taking a class on episodic storytelling

have i spent a chunk of tonight watching loona mvs and lore theory videos for this purpose? yes i have.

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or actually what if the factions are just playbooks but there can be more than one, and your regular character sheet is just like, personal info

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maybe I do this like I did my mage hack of pbta and have playbooks you pair together

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I’m trying to decide if this should have playbooks (eg forged in the dark, powered by the apocalypse) or nah

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your three factions are
1. world traveler secret society with androids
2. psychic powers
3. fallen angels

and also you need to save the world before the moon explodes, or something

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okay NEW PLAN for ZINE QUEST 2: what if I make a loonaverse rpg

The queen of Y2K aesthetics, Froyo Tam, has made an awesome SIL-licensed font called Ferrite Core DX.

It even has Classic Mac OS support >w<

I’m cutting caffeine for the foreseeable future please wish me luck

ah yes it's time again for the mystery of "why do i feel like hot garbage" to be solved by It's That Time of the Month

having a months-long moment of needing to fight the urge to hypercaffeinate myself because being really wired temporarily soothes my anxiety

I do actually think that one of the most dangerous facts of the social media-fication of our internet experience is that our news looks like our jokes looks like our propaganda looks like our updates from friends and family, as if it's all equally important and true.

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