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i wanna date someone who is just as confused about what day it is as me. thank god for smartphones, if i was an adult in the 90’s instead of now i’d be fucked

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current me is furious at the idiot who set up this entire network and supporting infrastructure (it was past me, who is a reckless grandstander)

guess ill learn how to reverse engineer hardware

you know, as a joke

things that are awesome:

1. writing a custom rss>email app in node-red
2. adding a new interesting feed to said app

things that are not awesome:

1. having 45 unread emails in my feed box and not even knowing what order to read them in

i think the reason i felt the call to return to microblogging is that this medium doesnt really call for immediate affirmation

which cushions the blow when there isnt any affirmation forthcoming

ill become rich and famous when i invent a void to shout in and the void hugs back

they pay me to touch computers all day and a fair amount of that is software development … and yet the only times i get imposter syndrome are when i contribute changes to homebridge plugins, despite that having the most direct impact on my life for the effort required

quit bird site years ago because it was bad for me but feels like here my situation will be a feature instead of bug

thanks for noticing me


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