so the people who dont want to fork off will harass me and the people who do will lie about me

where am I meant to go? twitter? @codeawayhaley she threatened to block and/or mute me when I brought it up with her

you all said to leave the conversation and the exact thing happened as I expected people took the time to lie about me

no one wants todo anything with me no ones paying attention once I dissapeared for 24 hours and you didnt notice in that time

If I was dead would you believe me?

maybe if I hurt myself you'd believe me?

cos you;re basically saying that if I dont Im a vampire

who do I show appreciation too when they all think Im a known harasser or an emotional vampire

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I have no cntrol over anything in my life. I get to choose whether to be stressed and depressed upstairs or stressed and depressed downstairs and thats it

if you're unfollowing me despite knowing how I feel right now then you are effectively telling me to kill myself

@codeawayhaley well what else am I meant to do? My name has been dragged through the ground in the last place that was respectful to me. I have no reasons to live Im almost totally isoalted

If I was just threatening suicide then I wouldnt repeatedly say "I dont have a way to kill myself"

@maloki what am I meant to do? I tried talking to you and you just lied about me and accused me of being a harrasser. You havent let me defend myself at all. How is what Im doing any worse than what are0h did last night?

suicidal talk 


Kara is on an instance from someone who treated me like shit as far as I know, sorry for not having the energy to respond when Im panicking, wanting to die and being bullied when I hsould have been able to sleep an hour ago

@maloki oh look the article is the same bullshit of "just feel happy"


Kaniini is a known harasser, they have harassed me multiple times for my views on pleroma.

- sui 


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