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I have no cntrol over anything in my life. I get to choose whether to be stressed and depressed upstairs or stressed and depressed downstairs and thats it


my parents used to saythis to manipulate me so no fuck off

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who do I show appreciation too when they all think Im a known harasser or an emotional vampire

@zeezeemoomoo you're definitely not any sort of emotional vampire at least in the sense most people use it (which is totally not what the term means and annoys me to no ends when people use it to mean "emotionally draining"), and I've seen no evidence of you harrassing anyone so I don't believe you are, if anything I've seen more evidence of you be harrassed.

@zeezeemoomoo idk how to help with that, often feel I'm being ignored not sure if i do, but idk how to help with it if I did i wouldn't feel it, all i know is it often is a symptom of fear of abandonment so maybe look for something on dealing with borderline (while you may not have borderline there is huge overlap with autistic traits and many autistic either have it or experience similar difficulties) as for being told off I feel that is a problem with others not having much empathy

@zeezeemoomoo I just thought of something that may help, if you can take an NSAID (not paracetamol/acetaminophen though, it is wrongly in this category), low grade inflammation can intensify emotional distress, so Ibuprofen, Asprin or another, if you can't but can get tea Camomile has anti-inflammatory properties. While it'll unlikely make everything better it might reduce the intensity a little and may even help clear your mind a little.

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