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Hey, I'm going to address some stuff I did wrong last night. And that thread will be CWd appropriately, and attached to this message.

I'm going to start with the apology, and then explain, but not excuse, what went wrong from my end.
And I will ask for forgiveness.

I done fucked up and I'm sorry 

What happened last night was way off base, and I crossed the line.
What I wanted to express, and what I ended up expressing were two vastly different things. Trying to explain by telling you what my intent was, wont fix what I did.

Apologizing won't fix what I did, but hopefully I can make amends, and by recognizing what I did wrong maybe we can learn something together.

I done fucked up and I'm sorry 

@Are0h , I want to apologize for how I was trying to leverage “show that you are really good” as to demand “good behaviour”, which I was trying to force out of the situation.
I was completely wrong about it, and in reality you were getting harassed. This was honestly really fucked up by me. And there’s no excuse for this. I am sorry. I’m sorry that I put you in that situation, that I tried to leverage some kind of “good behavior” to make you change.

I done fucked up and I'm sorry 

@Are0h I can’t take it back, I know that. But I am sorry.

My own mh/memory issues 

Now I want to address the realities of my own situation. The fact that I was defending a known harasser, wasn’t something I was aware of at the time.

Unfortunately, because of my own mental health, I don’t remember shit like this (copy paste in search bar to see if you’re allowed to see it).

My own mh/memory issues 

I can best describe it as that my brain keeps resetting, and I forget interactions I’ve had with people. Or interactions I’ve seen but not engaged it. The ones I remember the most are always my first hand experiences. But even then it kind of disappears.

As I said in that linked toot, it’s both a blessing and a bane, because I will do shit like this.

Whether it be defending someone who doesn’t deserve it, whether it be boosting or talking with known harassers.


My own mh/memory issues 

@maloki I'm not a "known harrasser", please don't drag my name through the ground

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My own mh/memory issues 

@zeezeemoomoo I didn't mention your name.

My own mh/memory issues 

@maloki you quite clearly implied it was me and you also apologised TO the person who was bullyign me

all while claiming to be neutral

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