The facts:
-all of my experiences with pleroma have been negative
-whenever I attempt to talk about this I am dogpiled and subtooted until my original point is diluted
-people will accuse me of not considering the shittiness of mastodon: Ignoring the fact thatI regularly complain about this shit

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if you try and dispute these facts you are a liar or an idiot

I have no time for liars and the wilfully ignorant

@zeezeemoomoo Anybody accusing you of neglecting to mention problems with Mastodon is making a hilarious decision.

I mean.


@Cobalt @zeezeemoomoo Considering some of these spanners also insist on writing off any observations of Pleroma's userbase as "FUD" and some conspiracy to make Masto the sole viable Fediverse server (lolwat), it doesn't even surprise me. :blobrollingeyes:

@zeezeemoomoo I'm... not sure what pleroma is in this context. (Also, yay, a moo~ I like moos lots~)


I once asked about Pleroma, and to this day it's still my toot with the most activity. It was mostly pleasant, but I really got the sense that if I had asked my question in a slightly different manner, I might have wanted to leave the fediverse.

It's a shame, I think Pleroma is pretty cool from a tech standpoint, but there's definitely some weird bad blood.

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