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Concerned MooMooCow @zeezeemoomoo

in time, all will be rei

ยท Web ยท 2 ยท 4

@zeezeemoomoo I always forget about this game! I just bought it and I am going to try it out later :3

@wolfen it seems boring and difficult at first but its worth sticking with!!

@zeezeemoomoo I can't wait! I already tried stellaris because I'm a big fan of Master of Orion II but it's nice to try something that is not 4x sci-fi once in a while xD

@wolfen I got the game when they were giving it away for free and after many hours of playing payed in and spent like 20 pounds on a bajillion dlcs

@zeezeemoomoo Good thing it was on sale and I bought the version with some DLCs included ๐Ÿ˜‚

@wolfen @zeezeemoomoo The game shown is CK2, which covers the period of history immediately before EU4's timeframe.

@wolfen @samis I was playing ck2! very similar game though. and they're both very good!!

@samis @wolfen theres even a possibility to export a ck2 game to eu4 so you can play one long megacampaign

@zeezeemoomoo @samis Oh that's a very neat feature! Thanks for reassuring me x3

@wolfen @zeezeemoomoo EU4 and CK2 'play' rather differently but are fundamentally the same type/genre of game. (Although that 'Digital Extreme Edition' really isn't that extreme)

@zeezeemoomoo @samis I couldn't resist CK2 was also on sale so I bought it but without DLCs because I already spent a lot of money on games today owo

@zeezeemoomoo @wolfen (sidenote: In theory you can play from 769 to the 1940s+ - the only gap being between 1821 and 1836)

@zeezeemoomoo is your next target northern africa or cleaning up the remains of the HRE?

@samis Getting targeted by some adventurer dude with like 11k troops that I need to defeat

@samis for some reason theyre all the way over in south east persia

@zeezeemoomoo Just wait for the Hole Roman Empire to become Germany and there will be f*cking Asuka