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The facts:
-all of my experiences with pleroma have been negative
-whenever I attempt to talk about this I am dogpiled and subtooted until my original point is diluted
-people will accuse me of not considering the shittiness of mastodon: Ignoring the fact thatI regularly complain about this shit

so the people who dont want to fork off will harass me and the people who do will lie about me

where am I meant to go? twitter?

you all said to leave the conversation and the exact thing happened as I expected people took the time to lie about me

no one wants todo anything with me no ones paying attention once I dissapeared for 24 hours and you didnt notice in that time

If I was dead would you believe me?

maybe if I hurt myself you'd believe me?

cos you;re basically saying that if I dont Im a vampire

who do I show appreciation too when they all think Im a known harasser or an emotional vampire

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I have no cntrol over anything in my life. I get to choose whether to be stressed and depressed upstairs or stressed and depressed downstairs and thats it

if you're unfollowing me despite knowing how I feel right now then you are effectively telling me to kill myself

If I was just threatening suicide then I wouldnt repeatedly say "I dont have a way to kill myself"

how long does it take to die by solvent abuse, cos thats my only feasible way of doing it


srsly if shes neutral then how come she calls me a "known harasser" and apologises to the person who bullied me

My own mh/memory issues 

@maloki I'm not a "known harrasser", please don't drag my name through the ground


right so you have the spoons to boost are0h's toots and keep defending him with big text walls but following me is too much?

I dont wanna come across as interrogating you but this same pattern happens over and over again and its not fair

hey whats a good instance to be on before I get suspended from this one because people would rather try and get me to kill myself than help me stand up to a bully

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