Are any of y'all using an eGPU with Mac OS X High Sierra?


Welp, turns out Russia spent something like $80K to pay Americans to spread racial animosity, $1MM to pay about a hundred people to provide disruption to the Clinton campaign via online means, and another $200K in advertising on social media:

Time to write this article about using , , and to render 's isomorphically.

I wanted to model two things in graph form:

1. Features/bug fixes going through the product development lifecycle of "in planning, ready to execute, in progress, ready to deploy, deployed"
2. Tying business outcomes to metrics across domains (finance, marketing, sales, product delivery, customer support)

So far, I've been mostly successful at both but ugh thinking in graphs is hard.

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It's Sunday night and I'm trying to represent life, the universe, and everything as a in

Send Halp.


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