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anyone know of a good federated/libre audio sharing platform? soundcloud esque but actually functional?

hey - yes you! you look great today. 😊

got out to the porch at 5:45 this morning to feel the cold air. it's so lovely to be in a hoodie and slippers, i missed this <3

signed, human furnace bean

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Niko Merritt, a longtime Black community organizer from Rhode Island USA, is at risk of homelessness after years of activism on behalf of her community. Please boost.



my partner just got home and we're lying in the AC, listening to 2013 era twenty one pilots, both on our own devices. heavenly!

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it is so disgustingly humid my glasses fogged up when i stepped out of my room into the hallway

watch out everyone i'm in that space of recording a ton of music, get ready for many many posts lol

lazy lazy Saturday in the humid heat. mostly camped out in my ac bedroom playing with norns and modular. a good life

i got my monome norns! been playing with `oooooo` looping my arp odyssey. lovely lovely

"finally finished my portable live system, what do you think?"

big sign outside of Eastworks saying WE HAVE PRIDE BECAUSE OF BIPOC TRANS WOMEN hel yeah

playing on the porch this morning with a tiny system :)

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