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This account is as good as unused, so I'm deactivating it. I'll be over on my main at @zatnosk

hello cybrespace · should I have another cup of coffee or take a biscuit instead?

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markup syntax is weird
do you have a favorite markup syntax?
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if I just write enough thoughts in this box someone is bound to interact with me at some point, right?
That's how this thing works..

Very slow ways to heat up a room:

Poke a hanging ceiling lamp so it starts swinging.

Sit on the floor.

Put a tiny pile of Uranium-238 on the table.

Very fast ways to heat up a room:

Put a big pile of Uranium-235 on the table.

Misinformation. Or is it? 

The 90's are closer to the fall of the roman empire than their are to today.

z_tn_sk relayed

Tfw when you open an alt account in tusky and the first post in the timeline is

A) your own
B) 43 days old

Post. Leave. Don't look for 40 days. Mastodon style.

I have suddenly discovered myself in cybrespace.
Whence did I came here, and wherefore cannot I remember it?

How many parsers do I have to write before they combine into a general AI that makes a 4X game for me?

My hobby: building shitty parsers for common languages.

Already got a shitty (My)SQL parser written in PHP, and now I'm making a shitty PHP parser written in Rust.

Just wait until I decide I need a shitty Rust parser written in JavaScript. This might or might not be a threat.



Disney 3.0 (supports unicode)

In Denmark we don't say fall or autumn, we say "after-year".

Spring is "before-year".

In total, the cycle goes like this:

year (also known as summer)
DARKNESS (also known as "why isn't there any snow? there's supposed to be snow now! can we at least have the fun parts of the void months?")

... Did I just get DDoS'ed because Gargron replied to one of my toots?

I think I did.

Yeah, I voted in my own poll. What are you gonna do about it?

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.. to write poll options from the authors perspective. *side-eyes the third option*

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