Disney 3.0 (supports unicode)

In Denmark we don't say fall or autumn, we say "after-year".

Spring is "before-year".

In total, the cycle goes like this:

year (also known as summer)
DARKNESS (also known as "why isn't there any snow? there's supposed to be snow now! can we at least have the fun parts of the void months?")

... Did I just get DDoS'ed because Gargron replied to one of my toots?

I think I did.

Yeah, I voted in my own poll. What are you gonna do about it?

.. to write poll options from the authors perspective. *side-eyes the third option*

Do you follow multiple of my accounts in this here network, and are you confused by how and why I hop between them?

I'm so scarred by Opinions About Software that I instinctively judge organizations by what software they use to organize.

And all of it is bad, but some of it is less bad, is what my mind tells me.

Totally oblivious to the fact that the important part isn't the software but the organizing.

Why can't I just will infrastructure into existence by yelling?

That seems like the most desirable path right now. >:(

I want to write something about how me, as a white person, choosing a stormtrooper lego figure as an avatar can be analyzed on multiple levels, but even this sentence is so freakishly long winded and full of irrelevant words, that I fear such a presentation of multiple analyses will be hard to follow and very unproductive to write in my current state of mind.

Also, I'm at work.

and im lazy

Programmers only know 10 jokes, and they're both about binary.

If there was a monstertruck digimon, would it be called truckstermon?

When writing Rust code, remember the most important rule:


Or just remember the mnemonic;

There are two wolves inside you.

No, wait. There's one wolf, one sea serpent and one half-woman/half-corpse inside you.

I won't get fat if I don't eat the yellow M&M's®, right?

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