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Now that I have a more personal account in homely company over at the tootplanet, I should clean up this account and repurpose it for techposting and/or pooptooting.

Wohoo! Internal server errors are the best server errors!

[ is down, while I fuck around trying to upgrade to 2.6.1 from... 2.4.something?]

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Instead if follow friday we should have friendship friday.
We just tell friends we like them.

Not for them to gain followers, but so they know you care.

A DM, a follower only toot, just so they know

[The dream didn't end here, but I don't have time to write more right now. The Tiny Human needs breakfast]

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Nightmare, dystopia, police Show more

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gargron told me if this post gets ten thousand boosts he'll give me the website and i will become the new gargron

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Maternity leave over (hands the torch to partner), your turn, babe.
Back to jobhunting.

While we were out making breakfast, The Tiny Human managed to not only drag themself over to a potted plant, but also reach up and rip off a leaf, that they then proceded to try to eat.

And thus begins an era of Not Leaving The Tiny Human Alone For Two Seconds.

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I like that @zatnosk pitched an idea to a garden game and I liked it so much I began drawing stuff for it. And now I'm making things faster than he have time to program and use it.

I'ts gonna be pretty sweet btw!
#gamedev #relationshipgoals #teamawesome

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^ LB: I'm an effing merman now. Eff yeah. :blobheart:

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Made a quick unfinished sketch only partly (or mainly... ?) inspireret by @zatnosk because it's #mermay

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These days I don't know what to write next.
Chapter 8 of the scifi series about Mike Williams, the next episode of the choose your own adventure where you are a GOD, a new text adventure set in the hp universe about the Nordic magic school, a blog post about hsp or something completely different.... Any suggestions?
#amwriting #writing

Ugh, forgot to renew the certificate again.

Maybe I shouldn't try to host anything others rely on, based on my trackrecord so far...

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Six months after luring my girlfriend to use Mastodon regularly, she's now tooting more than me and drawing pixel art orcs and (anthropomorphic) foxes.

Great Success!

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I love when @zatnosk and I work on a creative project together. It always get way better than what we could accomplish by ourselves.

Gardening game is gonna be so nice! #gamedev

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"'You have to tell me more, Lay'tek. What is this hearing about? Is it something I have done? What are the consequences if we lose? What is this all about? I don't know anything, I think I might be losing my mind!'
Lay'tek, in the shape of Morgan Freeman, leaned over the desk and padded Mike on the arm."

Chapter 4: Not a lucky number (~500 words).

Catch up on previous chapters:
#amwriting #writing #freefiction #scifi

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